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A Small Preview of the Vast Number of Insights For You To
Make Your Own Personal Decision on The Evidence.


In September 2009, Over 50,000 Muslims descended on Capitol Hill for a day of prayer, something unprecedented in the history of America. What was the significance of this happening under no other American president than Barack Obama?. (Part 2: Page 37)



You will fully understand why during the Obama administration Talk Radio Stations all over America were facing the threat of Censorship? (Part 2: Page 60)



What was the single most dangerous aspect of the Obamacare policy that you needed to be aware of considering that Donald Trump failed to overturn it? (Part 2: Page 46)



What was the Importance and Significance of Obama's attendance at Trinity United Church of Christ. (Part 2: Page 9)


Birds of a Socialist Marxist Feather do Flock Together and because of the absolute lack of belief by many on this issue, we will provide you the names and political agenda's of some of Obama's major advisors. Once you see this list and proof of their covert connection to Obama there will be no hiding place! (Part 2: Page 13)


Which companies trialing Mark of the Beast Technology had to abandon their project because of the deadly side effects which manifested (Part 1: Page 60)


Does Obama's moral and religious views cause fundamental conflict with the Christian Faith which he professes? (Part 2: Page 41)


What were the 3 fundamental reasons why the Global Banking collapse happened in 2008 and what developments took place at the G20 summit that the media totally ignored  (Part 3: Page 32)


Why does America exhibit what is known as the "Chameleon Complex" (Part 1: 34)


Why is the Destruction of Islam and the removal of the Dome of the Rock from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a significant requirement for those looking to bring about the Masonic New World Order? (Part 3: Page 19)

And Much More...............................

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